What's Good Weekly (November 25th, 2021)

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I’ll be in the kitchen today working on a couple of side dishes to add to our family potluck. Brussels sprouts, which if you don’t like them that’s OK! There’s more for me! And candied yams, I’m still trying to live up to my 2015 candied yams, for whatever reason I gotta make a different recipe for the same dish every time, oh Internet! Maybe next year it’ll be, oh bookmarks!  
It’s been good to see you and exchange well wishes on our deliveries this week! We’re very grateful for your support this year, and are looking forward to a great 2022 together on our road to health and happiness! We’re trying to keep the vitality strong as we head into the time of year known as ‘no light’.  
We’ve got the vitamins and minerals to keep your body right in the form of Carrots and Green Kale from SC Farm, Golden Beets and Honeycrisp Apples from Windy Acre Farm, and Collins Family Orchards. Sugar Pie Pumpkins from Hopewell Farm (recipe coming soon!), and Shiitake Mushrooms from Cascadia Mushrooms. That’s most of what’s in our Small Produce Subscription so you know we have much more than that in our Medium and Large Subscriptions! Like this! Tender Baby Arugula, spicy Radishes and Cilantro from SC Farm, beautiful Purple Cauliflower from Boldly Grown Farm, and power-packed Microgreens from Mom’s! It’s gonna be a good week in the kitchen!! The other portion of our subscription will definitely be gettin’ funky! Greek Yogurt from Tunawerth Creamery, Lavender Cheddar from Golden Glen Creamery, Apple Cider from Sauk Farm, Garbanzo Curry from Kathmandu MoMoCha, and featuring Albacore Tuna Loins from St. Jude‘s FV. 


What the F&%$ Was That?!
Where we ask (and answer) the age old question, What in the world did you just bring in my house??
This week's star is Sunchokes! What am I?! Well I'm Also Known As the Jerusalem Artichoke or Sunroot, and I taste like an artichoke heart without the fur or all that work of getting to the center!
I am a North American Native and can be slivered raw in a salad, pickled, roasted or fried. I do have to say, you ain't met me till you've tasted me chipped! I'm rich in Potassium, and high in inulin and fiber making me great for diabetics! Aren't you happy you met me?! 


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