Covid-19, Local Resiliency, Sustainable Microeconomies and Our Risky Painting

Before there was COVID-19, there was climate change threatening our very existence. Before there was COVID-19, there was staggering global economic inequality. Before there was COVID-19 there was an exponentially growing human population careening toward our planets carrying capacity and increasing global instability.

I(Amber) had been asking myself a central question for several years. Before I bring kids into this world, what are future generations going to need to survive and thrive through the global dumpster fire they are opening their eyes to?

In 2016, In my 3rd season as a farmer, I had the very great privilege of attending a lecture by Angela Davis to a room full of Socially Engaged Artists and Community Activists. In that lecture, she talked about how artists have always been the cultural innovators and how we as artists need to innovate solutions to the social problems facing us. She said we need to take risks and experiment with those solutions the same way we would take risks and experiment with a sculpture or a painting. As I returned to weeding my rows of carrots, and feeding bone meal to my tomatoes, Those words reverberated through me. I met Damon shortly after and we began having long talks about food security, farming, climate change, and our power to create new systems as the old system slowly crumbles around us. We went round and round until eventually we came to the idea that would become Local Yokels. This business is how we support a fully sustainable micro economy in local food; net zero, low waste, first does no harm, and promotes everything we believe a thriving local food economy can be. 

Some of the things we do are subtle;  you may not notice until you take a closer look. We include everyone but center Queer, POC, Immigrant and Women run businesses among our producers. We keep it 100% local within Washington State. We think in terms of circular economy and closed loop systems. We cut waste and carbon footprint wherever possible and innovate new ways of operating in the unsustainable gaps. 

Welcome to the business you know as Local Yokels. Our risky painting, our provocative lyric, our continuous creative collaboration to leave the world a little better than we found it, and to leave future generations with a regionally secure life boat in the uncertain sea of the next century. Welcome aboard, the food is fantastic and the vibes will feed your soul.

Be Well,



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