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We are a Black and Queer Woman owned business and that is who you're going to find as far as companies we mess with, check our roster. We're trying to rise up with everyone who has not historically had a chance without working 150-200% harder than mainstream business owners. Serving underserved communities with healthy food, oh my gosh yes was really one of the first light bulbs going off! When I'm seeing grocery stores close down in communities whose only store is a gas station and more opening up wherever the money is. Well I'd like to tell you, people need healthy food everywhere! So this has definitely been a mission and we're closer and closer to being able to work with the City of Seattle in their Fresh Bucks program as well as being able to take EBT to be as inclusive and available as we can be!
I guess we might be the old people on the hill screaming at passerby's about biodiversity in your crops and that the threat is real!! The reason we do this, is all of this! Pick one, pick five, we want to get it all done. The worst flooding in over 100 years in Bangladesh this week with people dying in the streets, climate change is real and happening and getting worse people. Growing up in Seattle, as far as the eye could see you never had such crazy haze over our mountain ranges, they're there but before there was really no filter.
Without a strong farming community locally we will not be safe from any unseen supply chain issues which are barely getting better at this point. No Farms equals No Food is No Joke. We need to make sure that our farms and farmers are doing well in a year that has been especially tough to even put anything in the ground. I'm sure a lot of people are expecting different things by this time of the year but farmer after farmer are saying the same thing, they are at least four weeks behind schedule for all crops. So many people's land had been flooded as recently as this month that they hadn't been able to plant their usual crops yet! It's been an unprecedented and really tough year, so if you know a farmer and see them out there say what's up and thank you for a job well done because whatever they've done, it hasn't been easy!
Please return your bags and ice packs! Me bags, maybe it's the Irish in me but I can't help saying that in my best lucky leprechaunĀ voice everytime I make a delivery and your guys' old bags aren't there, if you're saying bags like rags, don't give up just keep trying! But in the end I guess they really are my bags because we're not a publicly funded company, we bought 'em. Nowadays we're usually taking the same customers orders week after week (with a running missing bag tally in our heads) and one week of no bags we're already a bit worried, but if two weeks goes by and there's no bag we're on the verge of requesting a wellness check. It's Summer so if you have a secure porch area that you can leave your bags at all day, we give the go ahead to leave those bags out early in the morning. It's kind of a dire situation and even though I joke to myself that I'm going to be bringing you your cherries, mushrooms, and lettuce in my hands next week, it's getting closer and closer to a reality. Plus you can directly effect your bottom line, if our bags are cheaper for us, our prices will be less, Econ 101 baby! If you're still reading, thanks for listening! See all of you soon!! The soonest we can get new bags is AugustšŸ˜±šŸ˜±
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we lurv you, hold each other, and have a great week! XO

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