How Are You Supporting Local Food Security?

Posted by Damon Grady on

First and foremost we want to make sure everybody is as safe as they can be, as we are in a frankly scary and dangerous place in our history on this rock.  We hope that everyone is taking the proper precautions, and we want to ensure our friends and loyal customers that we are as well. With masks and gloves on and the proper social distancing as we are preparing your order, we’re following both the CDC and the OSHA recommended guidelines here

Every warehouse worker and delivery driver is screened daily before they start work to make sure they have no symptoms related to Covid-19.  Through this terrible time, one of the things we’re really reminded of is why do we do this in the first place.  People are starting to recognize the two words put together, food security. It is a very real thing and something many of us have control over. You have the ability to help your local farmers who are here not only when the shit doesn’t go down but yes, when the shit actually does go down.  When the established routes of commerce are a bunch of lilting freighters with a cargo of crickets, you’re going to want an apple, or some corn, or a rutabaga, or a pork chop. Smithfield the nation’s largest pork producer just shuttered its doors this week among a Covid-19 outbreak in their warehouses.  They are quoted as saying that the meat supply chain in America is perilously thin with their closure. Support Olsen Farms from Colville WA and Smithfield can kick rocks! The need to support local merchants has never been clearer. We pride ourselves in only working with Washington State farmers, producers, ranchers, and orchards and that will never change, Washington Only!  That way we are keeping our neighbors safe and working, our local drivers employed with a liveable wage, and the City of Seattle healthier, happier, and more aware of their surroundings. The most important way we can be winning as a community is through food and farm security, the end result of more local dependence is greater independence!! Stay safe everyone!


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