Want to know more about our Mission?

       Local Yokels is a fully sustainable, carbon neutral, low waste grocery delivery exclusively sourced from small farms and small businesses in Washington State. It's a farmers market by delivery, expanding sales options for small businesses and creating more access to healthy food in urban areas. 
We are deeply committed to seeing and facilitating the growth of a truly accessible closed-loop micro-economy in local food while proving that making a profit and fully serving everyone in your community is possible. 45% of our profits will go into:
  1. Micro-loaning for new and existing small businesses
  2.  Dollar matching with no limits for SNAP benefits and other programs that create viable accessibility for low-income people. (email for low-income application)
  3. Subsidizing compostable and zero waste packaging for our producers. 
Local food security means about 30% of our food needs to be produced locally, as of 2013, only about 3% of what we consume is produced in state. Rising concerns over climate change also mean we must put our energy into creating convenient local options so we can all do our part in preventing the tons of carbon being released into the air every year through the growth, processing and transportation of food in the industrial agriculture system. Our goal is to build a net zero, no waste scalable and reproducible food distribution business that can serve as an example of how we move forward in a new green sustainable economy.