What’s Good Weekly 1-13-22

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Hello my fellow Local Yokels! So happy to be doing this thing right now, right now-with you! Here we are, a new year, with a bigger tribe ready for what's next! We are featuring familiar faces as well as new ones this week. We first brought you their delicious Dumplings about 18 months ago and they're still banging off the wall however you prepare 'em, pan or wok-fried, steamed or boiled! We have their Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Vegan varieties. Kathmandu MoMoCha comes through in the clutch with some warm fuzzy feelings for your Winter bellies! Don't let this company's warmth stop there, catch them at the local Farmers Markets serving up their hot delicious Nepalese Chai. Mmmmm Chai.....the more the merrier too so we're sending you some Spiced Chai from Greenwood's own Morning Glory Chai. Steeped deep in the Chai game since 1995👏🏽! We have beautiful Sashimi grade Wild Albacore Tuna Loins from another great family run operation out of the locks of Ballard, Fishing Vessel St. Jude!  With such amazing quality and consistency they must be fishing out of the same dang hole! We also have all flavors of their delicious canned Tuna Fish to add to your weekly order!


We had some interesting produce because of all the snow and subsequent flooding limiting farm supplies, but we hope everybody enjoyed those super healthy frozen Blueberries from Sidhu Farms! Not the last time we'll see them in the next few months, my go to is a milkshake with Lopez Island Creamery's Vanilla Ice Cream and any of the frozen Berries we have from Sidhu, sooo good!! We also twice baked that Carnival Squash with some sauteed Ground Pork, Carrots, and Shallots, I go Mediterranean with the spices but there's no wrong answer, Cajun? Asian? This week the new face is an old one around town and somebody we've been wanting to work with for a long time and that's Jeremy and Foraged and Found. We had their Yellowfoot Chanterelle Mushrooms to kick off the year and this time it's their Dried Wild Mushroom Mix. Simply rehydrate in lukewarm water and use these Fancy AF Mushrooms in whatever delicious recipe you please! If you can believe we've got this and so much more in our Original Staples Subscription, local Chocolate Bars, Greek Yogurt, Whole Milk, and Cream from the Creamery, fresh Eggs from the farm, a ton of Organic Fruits and Vegetables, really, the best locally curated food subscription out there!  Don't just dip your toe in the pool, jump in, the waters great!

Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we love you, and have a great week! XO


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