What’s Good Weekly 1-20-22

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Hello everybody we hope you had a good week and you’re feeling all right!  It got into the high 50’s last week so that was exciting.  I’m predicting no more snow in Seattle this Winter but we got new norms, a stretch of 90’s and almost annual snowfall is what it’s changed to in my lifetime.  From never and once every 3-4 years is a big change and if you are noticing the same thing and not imagining it you are reading the right newsletter.  Local Yokels cares a lot, we care about the changing climate, we care about Listeria recalls from big agra corporations, we care about supply chain woes and empty
shelves, we care about small farms growing healthy Organic food for their community.  Your support shows you care about all these things as well, so we commend you for putting your money where your mouth is and supporting your community members’ small farms and businesses.  We are pulling all of us up together (which is a funny thought if you think about 800 people putting on a giant pair of pants simultaneously)!  Also thanks
for continuing to be the best advertisers for our small company by spreading the word of masked mouth to your family and friends, we see them signing up!!
     To our Original Staples subscribers hopefully you’re figuring out some fun preparations for that Albacore Tuna you received this week, keep us in the loop at #eatlocalkitchen.  If you’re not an Original Staples subscriber remember, you can freak the frequents see, it’s available from once a week, or twice if you’re starving, to once every six weeks if you’re afraid of commitment!  Our upcoming menu is definitely a nod to breakfast as we’re sending Skagit River Ranch’s Pork Sausage breakfast links, a shreddable meltable Gouda from Tunawerth Creamery.  An Organic Berry Jam from Berry experts Sidhu Farms, to go with a crunchy Baguette from Tall Grass Bakery, and a just in time whole bean Winter Brrrew coffee from Jocelyn Coffee Roasting!  Throw in Eggs from Left Foot Farms, Whole Milk, and Cream, it’s time to set your alarms!!  

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