What’s Good Weekly 1-27-22

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Being at the farmers market right when they opened at 9am on Saturday made me think back to when we first started.  It was definitely I’m going to the farmers market anyway, so I’ll just pick up something for you and maybe something for you…..Now it’s I’m gonna pick up 250lbs of Apples and a pallet of greens for the lot of ya!  It’s always been that great feeling of seeing all this beautiful farm grown produce, and the excitement of things to come!  Oh the places you’ll go, and the places we’ll be. Hello Eastsiders do you recognize these pictures tell these good folks out here we’re in your neighborhood and help us connect the dots over in the Bellevue, Kirkland, and Mercer Island area!  You guys are doing a great but your neighbors need to know about us!  Maybe never thought I’d say this but…Got to shout out Magnolia for showing up this week my goodness made it easy for a driver on Tuesday, thank you!  The most deliveries there in a day and a beautiful day to do it on!
Some new items this week with plenty to come in the following weeks, we have Black Magic Sweets’ Gluten-free Fudgy Brownies, you had me at Fuh!  I picked up our weekend order from Aliyah and I spied something in her hand, not sure why but I held out my hands, but yes I was right, it was for me and it was said Fudgy Brownie😳🙏🏽🎉🥳🤩🥰step right up for your brush with greatness!  We also are introducing a new seasonal hot sauce from Haxan Ferments, Mustard Habanero!  This stuff kicks!!  You get a little kick from the vinegar side and then when your mouth tries to get up another kick to the chops from the hot Hab side!  Great on sandwiches, wings, or with stir fried greens!
Have you ever been walking alone down a quiet street when you start to hear in the distance ‘Five of us too!  Five of us too!” and then you’re like wait no, no no no no, that’s not ‘Five of us too!’ that’s….that’s baba ghanouj baba ghanouj!!  And now it’s getting louder and as you turn the corner, you’re swept up in a mob of people streaming down the street shouting and screaming ‘Baba Ghanouj!!!  Baba Ghanouj!!!  That’s exactly what happened on the street of our warehouse the other day, people were pounding on the door saying they heard that there was new Baba Ghanouj here it was intense here son!  Something out of World War Z, people scaling the building and stuff!  Must’ve been hungry!  In the melee we escaped with about 25 units that we slipped in some lucky subscribers bags this week. It is all true Ziva Mediterranean Foods is making baba ghanouj and we will have it, with real labels in the coming weeks!  The Maestro in the kitchen says ‘Baba Ghanouj w/ baguette and sliced cucumbers is divine’ I can’t say I disagree!!

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