What’s Good Weekly 12-30-21

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Hello everybody, we hope y’all had a great week as old man Winter blessed us with a white out for a week.  The hills and rooftops looked bedazzled all across our state as the second wave of snow flurries rolled through today, so…..sledding anyone?!  Hot special cocoa?!  As we get ready to swivel and kick 2021 down the garbage chute we are staring right into the murk of what might be 2022.  It’s pretty hard to make out what this year has in store for us still as we might need a pair of 18-sided dice and a magic 8-ball to figure out what’s happening in January.  But one thing’s for sure, another thoughtfully curated menu from Local Yokels to stir up your culinary imaginations is here!  After a week of not yoking, weighing, and distributing boxes of veggies we’re anxious to get our hands on the good green stuff again!  
     We’ve got a ton of Organic produce coming straight from our warehouse to your doorstep this week from small producers you know and love!  Boldly Grown Farm from Mt. Vernon, Hopewell Farm from Everson, Collins Family Orchards from Selah, Colville’s own Olsen Farms, and many more!  You’ll be receiving crisp Starking Apples, just harvested  Microgreens to lively up your plate, and something special from Foraged and Found.  We’ve been roasting and baking a ton but why not chill it out with a nod to Italy with a chilled Cauliflower, shaved Brussels Sprouts, and Red Onion salad with a delicious Haxan Vinegar vinaigrette.  
Our Original Staples Subscription, available from once every week to once every six weeks, is steered by the little Creamery that code from Tenino, Tunawerth! You’ll get to enjoy their delicious whole Milk and Cream, Plain only in name Yogurt, and a delicious creamy Red Pepper Gouda. You can get saucy with consciously raised grass-fed beef from Omnivore, and La Pastas Pomodoro Sauce and Red Pepper Tagliatelle. Coming in from the cold with a warm loaf of Compagnon from Tall Grass Bakery and a dozen fresh Eggs from the farm a la Left Foot. Enjoy the thaw out, it’s going to be a good week!

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