What’s Good Weekly 12-9-21

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Hello my fine people, we hope you had a good week and have successfully wrung yourself out.  These past six weeks have been squalltastic, but it’s been good seeing the snow pack up on both ranges.  I know my ride or die folks hear me!  Get ‘em waxed or strap on your snowshoes the mountains should be open by next week!  As cold as it’s looking to get you might be able to carve a couple turns down Queen Anne Ave too!  Got to do something to stay active during these frigid months, so bundle up, throw a mini parka or a poncho on your pooch, we’re getting out in it!! 
     Our recycling program is working great, keep up the good work everyone!  We pride ourselves in being low to zero waste, and if that’s important to you and you see your neighbors getting produce delivered in iced boxes they have to throw away, tell them there is a better way.  At Local Yokels you return and we reuse almost all of your packaging materials.  We know you want organic produce delivered fresh every week, but there’s no reason to fill up a landfill in the process.  Fun fact-all our wax produce boxes get turned into mulch at Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands, which will be used in the spring to grow fresh flower bouquets that we’ll be offering!
     We have a great menu for you this coming week, with tons of Organic produce from some of our favorite producers! Foothills Farms, The Crows Farm, Hopewell Farm, Collins Family Orchards and many more. I see roasting sheets in your future with oven-friendly chums Cauliflower, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Delicata Squash gracing our Small Produce Subscription. In our Original Staples Subscription it’s breakfast time, Milk and Cream from Tunawerth Creamery, Eggs from Left Foot Farms, thick-cut Bacon from Olson Farms, and a petite Brie from Acme Cheese Co.!  We have a Staples Subscription for any dietary preference, Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and we can fulfill any special requests, try us!
     We don’t mind hearing our names in these streets, tell your friends who pick up what we’re putting down that we have room on this crazy ride for them too!
     Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we love you and have a great week!  XO

WTF Was That!?!?

Welcome to our newest section of our weekly newsletter-What the F&%$ Was That?! Where we ask (and answer) the age-old question, What in the world did you just bring in my house??
This week's star is Red RadishesWhat am I?! Well, I'm eaten and loved throughout the world but you can find me right here in Sedro-Woolley at Foothills Farm! I'm rich in antioxidants and minerals like Potassium and Calcium and have active enzymes that aid in digestion. I have the texture and some of the flavor of watercress with more spice. Me, I've got a lot of versatility, fresh thinly sliced over a salad, last in the wok in a stir fry, braised, roasted, pickled, or even the star of your soup! Aren't you happy you met me?!

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