What the F&%$ Was That?!! Yu Choy!

Posted by Amber Whittenberg on

Welcome to the newest section of our weekly newsletter-What the F&%$ Was That?! Where we ask (and answer) the age old question, what in the world did you just bring in my house??!
This week's star is Yu Choy!! What am I?! Well I love a good cloudy Spring it brings out the best in me! I am cousins with Bok but my seeds can be pressed for a plant based cooking oil. I'm rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants that repair skin damage. I'm a laid back fellow who is happy to party anywhere a cooked green goes, just choose a dish, pop me in with the rest of the gang, or saute me solo with a bit of oil and salt! What's not to love? Aren't you happy you met me?!

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