What's Good Weekly! ! 2-03-22

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Hello Evurybuddy and welcome to mid-week of mid-winter!
When I stop a minute and look around at what we have built, I am both in awe and incredibly grateful!! 5 years ago I told Damon I had this crazy idea about building a fully sustainable micro-economy in local food that centers the folks most left out of the current food system. This is what was on my mind that cold January as 45 was being inaugurated. How do we protect ourselves, stabilize our region and ensure the next generations can thrive even if the institutions and systems we are dependent on continue to crumble? Some artists paint or write, I am into social sculpture and a whole dang micro-economy was the work I was quickly becoming obsessed with! Much to my suprise, this guy I barely knew was in. Over the following months, My idea became our idea as it became clear we were going to have to build this thing from scratch with no capital. Creative problem solving became the game of the day, everyday. Really, there were only ever two essential ingredients for success. One, a business partner I am grateful for everyday who shows up, does the work, and inspires me to show up as the best version of myself and see just how far commitment, drive, and more than a little luck can take us! The second essential ingredient was you. Our Community, our Producers, our Customers, all of you, our Collaborators in learning how to live, love and support each other and the future of our region better. A grown up Local Yokels will be nothing short of an economic engine in the local economy; seeding new small businesses and providing support to a new generation of small farmers and makers. For now, I am thrilled to wake up and find myself among all of you, working on this project everyday, with someone I know will show up everyday, driven and committed to taking this thing as far as it will go!
We've got another great week coming at your mouths and tummies this week with Olykraut front and center! The Uary months are always sauerkraut time of year for me. Those live microbials go down and feel as nourishing as a fresh handful of blueberries in July! We are sending you all kinds of deliciousness to pair it with. German Sausages from Olsen Farms for the omnivores in the room, Fresh Baguette Brat Buns from Tall Grass Bakery, and squash, carrots, and garlic for keeping those midwinter soups fresh and flavorful!
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we lurv you, and have a great week! XO

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