What's Good Weekly! ! 2-10-22

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Hi everyone we hope you had a great week! Well it seems like you all have found out, we have La Pasta's delicious and hearty for the season Potato Gnocchi back in stock! It makes the end of a cold rainy day so much sweeter. We also have more new items you might've noticed like a Vegan Fried Rice Kit, Vegan Split Pea and Sweet Corn Soup, and a Spicy Pork Stew from Naija Buka, plus a fresh shipment of her delicious Nigerian Sauces and Spices! We also have an Organic Honeycrisp Apple Cider from Bellewood Farms in our Beverage Collection, new Vegan Dark Chocolate w/Almond Coconut Bites and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Theo Chocolate, and a versatile Dried Mushroom Mix from Georgetown based Foraged and Found! There's more to come and honestly too much to list so happy hunting and look for lots of exciting new products coming to Local Yokels soon!
There's nothing like picking up a fresh bread order from Tall Grass Bakery and driving it back across town! I'm strong-willed but even I have a breaking point and mine came at the second traffic light, thanks Emma for always baking a little something extra for the delivery driver! This week I will be tested again by the venerable Zylberschtein's and their killer diller Sourdough Bread. Maybe it's a good week for an extra loaf for the warehouse? We've got something for the lovers this week in our Original Staples Subscription, off the menu Lamb Loin Chops from Olsen Farms, a Porcini and Sage Salami from Salt Blade, and Potato Gnocchi and Dreamy Garlic Spread from La Pasta! The Vegetarian Staples Subscription is packed with a ton of delicious meat alternatives, read on for more below. All the makings for the start of a good night in! Of course we have our standard Milk, Cream, and Eggs from Tunawerth Creamery and Left Foot Farms respectively, and bunches and bunches of healthy Organic produce from the small farms you know and love! Crimson King Potatoes (wait til you see the inside!) and Miners Lettuce from Olsen Farms and Foraged and Found. Red Brussels Sprouts and Red Shallots from Boldly Grown Farm, D'Anjou Pears and Juicy Apples from Collins Family Orchards and so much more! Check out our Medium Produce Subscription if you haven't already it's where we can get creative, one of this weeks special additions is Cabbage Microgreens from Mom's Micro Garden!

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