What's Good Weekly! ! 2-17-22

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Hi everyone we hope you had yourself a great week and found a nice place for those tulips in your home! Couldn't quite get that Miner's Lettuce this week but we have it secured for next week so you're in for a treat! One of my favorite greens, delicious to eat it alone or in a nice mixed green salad. Plus it's locally foraged! Maybe you even have a leftover shallot for a vinaigrette, you little chef. I'd like to point out a couple things, if you haven't checked out our Vegan Staples Subscription in a while you really should. We have listened to our customers, changed our criteria and expanded our options, and really fine-tuned it! We have also brought on 10 new vegan products since the new year with plans to bring on more in the next 2 months. The Vegan Subscription also comes with our Medium Produce Subscription, my second topic. The medium has everything in that weeks small subscription with bigger portions of a few of those items. Then we hand pick several harder to get and super seasonal items to round it out. Just hit the shop now button and follow the instructions you just clicked on!
We have some sweet, and savory produce coming to you next week with the 2nd to last weeks D'Anjou Pears and Pinova Apples, which Collins Family Orchards describes as 'Crisp, great for eating fresh! Tropical notes.' Yes please! We've got aforementioned Miner's Lettuce from Foraged and Found plus their cultivated Shiitake MushroomsSweet Yellow Onions from SC Farm, Sweet Potatoes from Lyall Farms, and Collard Greens from Ryan at Steel Wheel Farm, phew! All Organic! In our Medium we have Japanese Minowase Radishes and Green Totsoi from Foothills Farm, and Frozen Raspberries from Sidhu Farms. It's going to be a good week in the kitchen.
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we lurv you, and have a great week! XO

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