What's Good Weekly! 2-24-22

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Hi everyone we hope you had yourself a great week! I figured if we could just make it out of February we wouldn't have to deal with snow until next Winter, we just couldn't make it out of February. But what is this, a snowstorm for ants?!! Luckily we were unimpeded by it this week and deliveries went fairly smoothly. Last week's Lamb Loin Chops were absolutely delicious and we'll be putting them on our menu soon!
We had to keep our secret squirrel weapon X caged up for the last two months, but it's time for it to be unleashed on the public. This stuff is D.O.C.'s funky, tch, tch, tch, funky (brrrrr hip-hop) funky!! In the best of ways. These purveyors of pugnacious perfumes are stackin' dank with stank! They got crispy garlic, shallots, and peanuts swimming in an amalgamation of chili pepper oils that was obviously years in the perfecting. Tick..tick..tick.......Ding! It's done. Put this spicy crunchy fabulosity on everything, I started with roasted pumpkin seeds, steak, popcorn, stir fried veggies, chicken tenders, bread, ice cream. That was the first week. My jar went faaaast, when they say ladle it on, we won't judge, I agree, do you! Our Original Staples Subscription will be receiving 1 golden jar of KariKari Garlic Chili Crisp (and a sticker!) to distribute among their people as they choose. While the rest of you Yokels can get it while it's hot from the shop for your block.

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