What's Good Weekly 3-17-22

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I love it when I drop off a delivery to a customer and they literally jump in the air with delight that they're getting their groceries! Howdy neighbor! Last time we said that we were going to suspend contactless delivery, the announcement came out that afternoon that masks were coming back, bit I think we're gonna try it again and try to get to know our neighbors a little bit better! As of Tuesday 3/22 we're encouraging our neighbors to say hi to your delivery driver/warehouse manager/packer/buyer/menu curator/social media guru/customer service specialist/accountant/author/CEO/CFO/COO whichever one of us you get, yes we do it all!! This 2-person crew does all this and much more in the name of healthy Organic produce grown by your neighbors for you, and partnering with woman-owned, BIPOC-owned businesses like ours!! So if it's Amber or Damon (which it absolutely will be) say hi and we will full on reciprocate.
If you haven't cooked your Spare Ribs from this week yet, pro tip, pick up some of our Dry Rub from Bob's Quality Meats. A family run butcher shop in Columbia City (full disclosure, I love these guys!) for over 70 years. Their rub, which is great on beef or chicken, but magical on pork, turns the mundane to the sublime with just a little heat and time! This week we're bringing you back out to Colville, WA to Olsen Farms where they raise their livestock and harvest tons of Organic Potatoes. We have their Beef Stew Meat and Ground Pork this week for the base of a couple great meals, as well as Flatbread from Shambala Bakery in Bellingham, an 8oz Hummus from Ziva Mediterranean Foods, and supple Egg Pappardelle and Pomodoro from La Pasta in Wedgwood! Our Original Staples Subscription also includes Eggs from Left Foot Farms, and Whole Milk, Cream, and Plain Yogurt from TUNaWERTH Creamery. We will put up our link to a delicious Beef Stroganoff recipe in the coming days. Happy cooking!
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we lurv you, hold each other, and have a great week! XO

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