What's Good Weekly!! 3-24-21

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What an inspiration Judge Kitanji Brown Jackson is! Don't know her but feeling pride like she was family, unbelievable poise under the fiercest pressure for hours upon hours. In the toughest job interview ever she aced it and she's only 3 months older than me so she will be on the bench for decades. These last few days had all of my feels, from Booker to Cruz, there were tears of gratitude that it's about time, and incredulous disbelief from the spouting of falsehoods from the right. Monday is so close!
Aaaand....political rant over. Did you guys have fun with this week's ingredients? We really hope so, we were stoked on how your orders looked going in the bags, and were overjoyed with the comments we received. We are Marching right into April next week and are happy to bring you the best of Washington's early spring farming we could find! Chives, Fingerling Potatoes, Miner's Lettuce, Kale Rapini, Leeks, and so much more, all from Small Farms all Organic!! In our Original Staples Subscription we have hand-crafted Salami from Salt Blade, and a freshly baked Baguette from Tall Grass Bakery to put it on. A couple delicious Vanilla Rooibos Teas from Paunchy Elephant to wash it down, and a 3-pack of Macarons from Black Magic Sweets to top it off. Our Vegan Staples Subscription has the Tea and the Macarons plus Sweet Corn and Bean Pudding and a terrific Fried Rice Mix from Naija Buka. A big loaf of freshly baked Sourdough bread from Zylberschtein's Deli and a 1 ingredient Peanut Butter from CB's Nuts! Grab one of these Subscriptions now!
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we lurv you, hold each other, and have a great week! XO

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