What's Good Weekly! 3-3-22

Posted by Amber Whittenberg on

What's that? A strange blue patch in the sky and still light out at 6pm?! When it comes to Spring, I'm prepared with my best little red SpongeBob Tie, strutting around the city, singing I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'M READY!! For All you non-millenials out there, SpongeBob was a good hearted if slightly deranged cartoon character from the 90's, and we return to our regularly scheduled programming.
We've got some refreshing treats for our Organic Grocery Staples Subscribers this week with Lemonades from Paunchy Elephant and Frozen Blueberries from Sidhu Farms that will make your taste buds smile. We also have one of my favorites for you this week, Whole Grain Einkorn from Bluebird Grain Farms! This ancient grain is a hearty little nugget of goodness with less than 2% of the gluten content of modern wheat. It makes excellent hot sides and cold salads, and has become my local comfort food of choice.

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