Whats Good Weekly June 3rd 2022, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Posted by Amber Whittenberg on

Wow did anyone else get messy last week with that Zylberschtein's Brioche Donut??! Did anyone attempt to cut it so they could share?? Did anyone just go to a secluded room and turn off all the lights and have some uninterrupted go time with Mr. dodo? Midweek was a Marionberry compote, and Saturdays filling was some kind of Cream Cheese x Lemon Curd terrificness! And I hear you kids from the backseat! Yes, we're going back soon!! I gotta get my steps in because this week's Key Lime Pies from Black Magic Sweets......sooo delicious!
We are coming up one of our favorite weeks that we do all year, Pizza Week! I think we do a pretty bang up job of putting our menus together week to week, but who doesn't love pizza!! Especially when you've got these lux ingredients to play with. You can do what you want but we're sending our Original Staples Subscription handmade Pepperoni from Salt Blade, hand-pulled Mozzerella from King's Mozzarella, Pomodoro from La Pasta!, fresh Morel Mushrooms from Foraged and Found, and a great gluten-free Pizza Dough from Nuflours Bakery. Lots of great toppings for that veggie pie too, Garlic Scapes, Spinach, Cicely, even Heirloom Tomatoes! You might want to get an extra dough! I would love to see the 50-60 different pies you all come up with, tag us at #localyokelkitchen.
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we lurv you, hold each other, and have a great week! XO

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