What's Good Weekly! October 14th, 2021

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Hello fellow friends we'd like to see at a party! One day we'll get our chance. For now, it's just you and whatever voice you've attributed to this newsletter in your head so get funky, make your eyes dance!
Ok good, now that we're in tune maybe we will see each other at a party because there is a butt-ton of stuffs happening this week! The Seattle Latino Film Festival runs through October 17th with premiers at The Beacon Cinema as well as an online program. The 26th Annual Seattle Queer Film Festival running from October 14-24th, both online and in theaters throughout Seattle! The 33rd Annual Earshot Jazz Festival also kicks off this week from October 13th-November 7th in venues throughout Seattle and the Eastside.
If you're looking for something spooky and fun to do, check out our friends at Sidhu Farms and their amazing corn maze and pumpkin patch. Open 7 days a week from 9 AM - 6 PM. Also, enthusiasts rejoice, the Northwest Record Show is happening October 17th, 10-5 PM at the Seattle Center Armory, and also Sunday, Wekfest Seattle is happening at the Lumen Field Events Center. If you know you know!
We hope you enjoyed last weeks' bountiful box and we have another great one lined up for you this week! Coming your way for produce are Poblano Peppers and Butternut Squash from Alvarez Organic Farms, the trinity of Yellow Onions from Hopewell Farm, fresh bunched Carrots from Cabrera Farms, and crunchy Celery from Hedlin Farms, all Organic! Garlic and Cherry Tomatoes from Osprey Hill Farm, and Hosui Asian Pears and Honeycrisp Apples from Collins Family Orchards. Milk, Cream, and Eggs from the usual suspects, and a big beautiful Country Ham from Olsen Farms are the stars in our Dairy/Butcher Subscription, we also have Field Peas from Nash's Organic Produce and a fiery Pumpkin Habanero Hot Sauce from our warehouse-mates, Haxan!
There's gonna be some fun in the kitchen this week!!
Tell your friends and neighbors, stop giving their money to Cali, Oregon, and Jeff, roll with someone local, Local Yokels!
PS-Great job on returning your egg cartons and yogurt jars; we do recycle/reuse and so do our producers, another way LY=winning!!
Keep fighting the good fight against oppression and tyranny; we love you and have a great week!
What the F&%$
Was That?!
Chanterelle Mushrooms!
Welcome to our newest section of our weekly newsletter-What the F&%$ Was That?! Where we ask (and answer) the age-old question, what in the world did you just bring in my house?

This week's star, Chanterelle Mushrooms! I'm grown worldwide, but you just have to travel as far as any old-growth forest in Washington to find my birthplace. What am I?! Well, I'm funky and funghi, my long name is Cantharellus cibarius, also known as the forager's friend, but I really prefer Chanterelle, it's elegant as shit! Wouldn't you agree?! Thing is, it's like pokemon anyone can catch me, and if you see me out here, you're gonna find a whole click of us because we roll thick through these timbers!! Whoody Whoo! You can find me where the owls roam in the real backwoods but where you want me is in your kitchen real close and warmlike with some butter and herbs. People wait, looking at their watches, ready to set oven timers when it's my season! I don't mean to blow my own horn, but I'ma trumpet keep ya dumb fit, got your stomach doin' some flips, all must submit, I'm the summit!! Oooh, off the top!! But I digress, I'm good for you kids! I am an excellent source of minerals, vitamin D, and vitamin B, protein, fiber, and I also provide anti-inflammatory properties. Put me in your mouth! What's not to love! Aren't you happy you met me?
A few updates about Local Yokels and our services:
First, to keep up with growing demand, we have changed our delivery times, Tuesday and Wednesday we will now be delivering from 1 pm-6 pm, and Saturdays our delivery hours will be from 1 pm-5 pm.
Next, our cutoff times for orders have changed slightly. The deadline for ordering delivery for Tuesday or Wednesday is Saturday at Midnight, and the deadline for ordering delivery on Saturday is Wednesday at 4 pm. Please note our website will be turned over Wednesday night, so look for our new items and fresh produce starting then! You'll still get an email reminder on your delivery day, and we'll always text you 30-45 minutes before we arrive!
We are still practicing contactless delivery as we try and keep our communities safe!
Say Their Name! Every Day! Black Lives Matter! Nothing About Us, Without Us!

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