Organic Grocery Staples Subscription

Organic Grocery Staples Subscription

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Get your staple basics, organic and grass fed in this one simple subscription. Choose once a week to once a month! 

Original Subscription 

1/2 gallon milk- Tunawerth Creamery low pasteurized milk

1 cream- Pint of Tunawerth Cream

1 yogurt or cheese- Varieties rotate, Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Camembert, Feta, and interesting finds along the way!

1 dozen eggs-Organic Pastured Chickens from Left Foot Farm.

Meat- Rotates between local grassfed Pork, Chicken, Beef, Fish and sometimes Lamb.

1 dry good-  Flour, cornmeal, dry beans, baking mixes, or nuts

1 baked good such as bread, scones, cookies, rolls, baguettes

1-2 rotating specialty items such as coffee, honey, pasta, tamales, chocolate, tea or kombucha

 1 individual produce subscription

Vegetarian :

No meat, extra eggs, cheese, tempeh and tofu or specialty item.


Extra legumes and grains that equal complete proteins, tofu, baked goods, and a medium produce subscription.



Sub Gluten products with Nu-Flours Bakery, Shambala Bakery, or extras of our gluten-free producers.

* Please Notify us if you have a household member with Celiacs, We will modify your subscription to only include items from producers who do not use any gluten in their facilities.