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What's Good Weekly (November 25th, 2021)

I’ll be in the kitchen today working on a couple of side dishes to add to our family potluck. Brussels sprouts, which if you don’t like them that’s OK! There’s more for me! And candied yams, I’m still trying to live up to my 2015 candied yams, for whatever reason I gotta make a different recipe for the same dish every time, oh Internet! Maybe next year it’ll be, oh bookmarks!   It’s been good to see you and exchange well wishes on our deliveries this week! We’re very grateful for your support this year, and are looking forward to a great 2022 together on our road to health and happiness! We’re trying to keep the vitality strong as we head into the time of...

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What's Good Weekly! October 14th, 2021

Hello fellow friends we'd like to see at a party! One day we'll get our chance. For now, it's just you and whatever voice you've attributed to this newsletter in your head so get funky, make your eyes dance! Ok good, now that we're in tune maybe we will see each other at a party because there is a butt-ton of stuffs happening this week! The Seattle Latino Film Festival runs through October 17th with premiers at The Beacon Cinema as well as an online program. The 26th Annual Seattle Queer Film Festival running from October 14-24th, both online and in theaters throughout Seattle! The 33rd Annual Earshot Jazz Festival also kicks off this week from October 13th-November 7th in...

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How Are You Supporting Local Food Security?

First and foremost we want to make sure everybody is as safe as they can be, as we are in a frankly scary and dangerous place in our history on this rock.  We hope that everyone is taking the proper precautions, and we want to ensure our friends and loyal customers that we are as well. With masks and gloves on and the proper social distancing as we are preparing your order, we’re following both the CDC and the OSHA recommended guidelines here Every warehouse worker and delivery driver is screened daily before they start work to make sure they have no symptoms related to Covid-19.  Through this terrible time, one of the things we’re really reminded of is why...

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