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A Food System That Supports Everyone


Small Farms   |   Local Businesses   |  Neighbors and Friends


Nearly 100% Organic food grown by family farmers across Washington with free delivery.


Together we can:

• Reduce our waste by 95% compared to store bought groceries.

• Have a near neutral carbon footprint.

• Provide access to healthy food in low food access areas.

• Help grow a sustainable microeconomy.

Grocery Delivery That Does More

Local Yokels delivers locally-sourced groceries and produce to your door at a convenient price. Take pride in your groceries knowing this service supports your local economy, reduces your waste and carbon footprint, and brings curated, delicious food right to your doorstep.

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A Network of Washington Growers

Committed to Low Waste, Carbon Neutral, and Sustainable Lifestyles

Building a Sustainable Micro Economy

“Our family so enjoys Local Yokels. I appreciate the intention and values of their business model and I love feeling like we just went to a neighboring farm and brought back the most delicious and well cared for foods.”

- Katrina S, Local Yokels Subscriber