Bluebird Grain Farms Winthrop, WA

Bluebird Grain Farms specialize in ancient heirloom grains such as Emmer and Einkorn. These ancestors of wheat are highly nutritious and have 1-5% the gluten content of modern wheat. 

"At Bluebird Grain Farms our goal is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich grain we can while leaving this land healthier for the next generation. For our family and staff, great taste, real nutrition, and a thriving countryside go hand in hand—you simply don’t get one without the others." Biodynamic and Organic certified.


Einkorn Baking Mix

Einkorn Flour

Emmer Pancake and Waffle Mix

Potlatch Pilaf

Einka and French Lentils

Whole Grain Einkorn 

Emmer Farro

Pasayten Flour