Collins Family Orchards Selah, WA

Collins Family Orchards is a fourth generation family farm in Selah, WA. 

Our focus is the fruit. We offer a wide range of the most delicious varieties we can find, and we do things right — from planting to pruning to harvesting — to bring you the best fruit possible.


While we are not certified organic, the health of our employees, families, trees, land, and customers is our TOP priority.  We ONLY utilize organic inputs on our farm.  We hand thin our fruit set extensively in the orchard, leaving the fruit ample room to grow.  This causes less pest, mold, and fungal problems which limits the amount of organic sprays we would ever need to use in the orchards.


Our amazing customer base has helped us support those most in need in our community during this unprecedented year.  On our online store, customers can purchase apples cases for donation.  We facilitate the delivery of these cases to food banks around the Seattle area.  We regularly donate any excess or high quality #2 fruits to food banks and non profits in Seattle. 

Check out our Fruits Section for your Seasonal favorites!