Golden Glen Creamery Bow, WA

Golden Glen Creamery started in 2004 by making artisan farmstead cheese. By 2006 the Creamery began making butter to add to their already delicious cheeses. Golden Glen Creamery has kept its original recipes and used 100% All-Natural ingredients. From filling the vat with raw milk, to cutting every piece of cheese by hand, we believe that our hands and beautiful cows are what makes our cheese the best for your table.

We have a small herd of 125 cows, a combination of holsteins & jerseys that make the perfect blend of milk for our cheese.

Each of our products is all-natural and handcrafted with milk fresh from the cows right here at the creamery. This allows our customers access to what we think are the freshest, best-tasting dairy products on the market.

Golden Glen Creamery does not and will not use the preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, fortifiers, and coloring agents found in so many products today.

Our products have a distinctive, amazing taste that cannot be replicated using other methods.

Golden Glen Creamery uses a gentle, slow-batch pasteurization process that is not commonly used with corporate creameries. Our process removes potentially harmful bacteria while preserving vitamins and helpful enzymes that are damaged by high temperatures.

WE believe that our special process results in superior-tasting, more wholesome products.