Haxan Ferments Seattle, WA

Jessica, Haxan Ferments

Haxan Ferments makes small-batch hot sauce and vinegar. We focus on using traditional preservation methods and working with small local farmers to highlight the amazing produce grown in Washington. I have always been drawn to complex cooking projects and preservation techniques, and fell in love with fermentation as soon as I started learning about it. I have sort of an unconventional background (an unused doctorate in molecular biology!), and fermentation fully appealed to the scientist in me. I launched Haxan Hot Sauce about 2 years ago because I wanted to share our stellar fermented hot sauces with Seattle, while also giving back and supporting Washington farms. This summer, we launched Haxan Vinegar, creating unique vinegars with slow two-step fermentation. 

 A major focus for Haxan is supporting the local food economy. Creating hot sauce and vinegar gives us a framework to shine a light on what local growers and makers are doing. That's why our products are full of ingredients you may not expect- pumpkin, daikon radish, cucumber - but are truly complementary. We source all our ingredients from Washington when in season, and are working to minimize our out of season purchases. Finally, our products allow us to purchase produce that may not otherwise be sellable, helping to reduce food waste and support farmers. 

We love cooking with our hot sauce and vinegar, and create our products to balance heat/acid with big flavors. We offer hot sauces in a range of heat levels. Even if you think you don't like spicy food or vinegar, give us a shot- our sauces can help punch up and transform your home cooking. 

Haxan Hot Sauce

Haxan Vinegar