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We're Gabriella and Walker, the founders of Omnivore Meats, two professional chefs with backgrounds in food science, nutrition, and sustainability! Surprising as it is, not many food companies are that way. Combined, we’ve worked in sectors of the food industry including meat manufacturing, plant-based meat manufacturing, culinary education, recipe and product development, and Michelin restaurants. We noticed that there were only two options when it comes to eating meat, 100% meat and 100% "plant" based options. Well, we did the unthinkable and brought them together! Instead of using highly processed "plant-proteins" we used, well, real whole vegetables. Our newly launched product Omnivore Beef is a blend of grass fed and finished beef from local small-scale farms here in Washington and Oregon and an array whole vegetables! Omnivore Beef is an alternative to conventional 100% beef that is more sustainable, nutritious, and delicious! Use it anyway you would 100% beef but know you're supporting local efforts to make our food system better for all! Our promise is to consistently provide you with quality foods that you deserve, so you can feel confident in your meals for you and your family.

Our environment is all we have, once it’s gone its gone. We love the beautiful nourishing bounties it provides for us, so were taking action to preserve it for our future generations.  Which is why we are aiming to increase the local grass-finished beef and veggies in our diets. If you do a little research into grass-finished beef, you will be pleased to know that local grass-fed and finished beef actually sequesters more carbon back into our native soils rather than put it out into the atmosphere. Large herds of grazing animals played a big role in the natural life cycle of the diverse grasslands on our earth! Now, our farmers are using these principles to be positive stewards of our grassland ecosystems here in the PNW.


Omnivore Meats is a Women and Native American owned business operating here in Seattle! Even though we aren’t native to this area, we are very proud to call Seattle our home. Walker is a native to Southwest Louisiana and is a member of the Choctaw Apache Tribe of Ebarb and is a fermentation enthusiast! He’s always fermenting something, from malted barley kombuchas to smoked pork garums, he’s obsessed with the history and origins of our foodways. Gabriella is a native of Brooklyn New York and is a first-generation Italian American from Sicily Italy. She is passionate about the anthropology of food, sustainable agriculture, and her 15-year-old pup Gizmo! We love how food breaks down barriers and brings people of all backgrounds together! We’re two young entrepreneurs who are professionally trained chefs from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York. We’ve cut our chops in Michelin Star kitchens and across the larger food industry. We wanted to bring our passions for quality delicious food to the world, so we founded Omnivore Meats!  Our first product, Omnivore Beef contains a full ½ cup serving of real vegetables in every 4oz serving of Omnivore Beef! Omnivore Beef was created as a more mindful way to enjoy beef in our diets.

Omnivore Meats