Seeking Kombucha Seattle, WA


Since as long as I can remember I have always struggled with stomach problems; always super sensitive to any little thing I ate. It was a miserable time, and as cheesy as it sounds things didn’t change until I found kombucha. I had started drinking it everyday, and little by little I was able to eat more of what I loved without the constant stomach pains and quickly realized that gut health is important. My gut was healing itself with the good bacteria i was introducing to it. I simply could not get enough of this stuff so I finally decided to make my own so I knew what ingredients were going into my beloved drink.

And that’s where it all started my wife (Lyz) and I began brewing; we were always seeking for clean, local, innovating ingredients and experimenting with new flavors. Before we knew it friends and family came seeking out for our booch; not only for the taste but for the same reasons that had helped me. So we decided to create Seeking Kombucha to share with all of you, in hopes that you too will benefit from it.