Healthy Foundations Grocery Staples Subscription

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We've been listening to your feedback and are excited to present this new subscription option! What's different? Less sugar, dairy, carbs, and premade foods, more whole foods such as grains, lean protein, nuts, legumes, tofu and veggies. Since this subscription centers whole foods, it also is our lowest carbon footprint offering with 95-99% of the ingredients sourced within the state! Exceptions being some of the peanuts in CBs Nuts Products and spices unavailable locally.

Every week you can expect:

1 dozen eggs

1-2 sources lean meat

1 whole grain from Bluebird Grain, a rotation of Einkorn, Emmer Farro, Potlatch Pilaf, Einkorn and Lentils, Farro Breakfast Porridge and occasional Fresh Egg Pasta from La Pasta just to mix things up!

1 dairy product- a rotation of yogurt or cheese

1-Tofu product

1-2 Nuts and Legumes Products Rotation of Peanut Butter, Hummus, Baba Ganuosh, Dry Beans, Peanuts, and Hazelnuts

1 Oil, Sauce or Spice Rotation of Hazelnut Oil, Vinegar, Hot Sauce, Spice mixes, Fresh Herbs, Honey and Garlic

Includes Small, medium, or Large produce depending on the variant you choose

Want extras? Just add milk, baked goods, kombucha, coffee, cream,dumplings, pork buns or whatever your scrumptious thing you desire by shopping our store and choose "subscribe" instead of one time purchase!