Organic Grocery Staples Subscription

Organic Grocery Staples Subscription

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Get your staple basics, organic and grass fed in this one simple subscription. Choose once a week to once a month! 

Original Subscription 

1/2 gallon milk+cream/butter/ice cream (2nd item rotates)

1 yogurt

1 cheese

1 dozen eggs 

1 pound assorted meats such as Ground beef, ground pork, stew meat, ribs, and more!

1-2 dry goods such as flour, cornmeal, dry beans, baking mixes, and baked goods! 

1-2 rotating special product such as coffee, honey or new speciality items 

1 individual produce subscription

Vegetarian :

no meat, extra eggs, cheese, tempeh and tofu or specialty item


extra legumes and grains that equal complete proteins, tofu, tempeh and a medium produce subscription.

Deluxe Organic Staples Subscription

Dairy/Butcher Subscription + extra cut of Meat and a specialty Dairy item

Medium Veggie Subscription

Pantry Item ex. Pancake or Biscuit Mix, Rolled Oats, Flour, or Peanut Butter

Unique Specialty Item ex. Something we come across that’s rare and needs to be shared

Health and Beauty Item ex. Goat Milk Soap, Organic Makeup, Organic Healing Balms